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Chaco Canyon

window in Kin Klizhin outlierI have a fascination with Chaco Canyon, in the Four Corners area, in northwestern New Mexico. This was the ancient home of the Anasazi or Ancestral Puebloans, who were masters of masonry & phenomenal builders: their structures stand 1000 years later.
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Outliers of Chaco Canyon

Outliers are generally smaller communities with some connection to Chaco.
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mr & mjh at Clear LakeMy wife, Merri Rudd, and I like to travel around in our camper with our dog, Lucky. We hike, we camp, we write and take pictures. Some of it can be found here: www.mjhinton.com/trips/

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University of New Mexico

I teach computer classes for the University of New Mexico Continuing Education (UNMCE). My class website has information on HTML, CSS & JavaScript. See www.unm.edu/~mjhinton/.

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"Weird dreams are God's way of apologizing for having created logic." -- Outside Magazine

"Dreams are normally weird." -- Hobson

Sometimes, I have memorable dreams that might even be of interest to you. Read my dreams...


I have moments of inspiration... my poems...

Older stuff

I'm moving things over from an older site. There you'll still find my poetry, my letters to the editor.

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