Chimney Rock -- The Rocks

Companion Rock and Chimney Rock

The light colored block in the middle of the ridge is Companion Rock. To the right is Chimney Rock. I don't know the name of the leftmost rock, though it does not line up quite the way it seems in this photo -- it's at the end of a ridge perpendicular to the others. The Anasazi completely clearcut this side of the ridge -- it has taken a thousand years to return to piñon & juniper.

Nearly a hundred miles north of Chaco Canyon, the double spires of Chimney Rock dominate a collection of over a hundred sites, some of which may have served as Anasazi versions of astronomical observatories. The area contains evidence of eight semi-independent communities of late Pueblo I and Pueblo II age (A.D. 925-1125). The chimneys and the associated high mesa have been recognized by the Taos Pueblo of northern New Mexico to be a shrine to the Twin War Gods of Pueblo mythology. — from Malville
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