The Upper Great House

looking up the narrow path

A thousand years ago, this whole ridge may have seemed like one large village. Now, there are three clusters of partially excavated ruins plus plenty unexcavated. The lowest point (below the parking lot) has a great kiva and the gnomon. Adjacent to and above the parking lot is a cluster of rooms. Farther up the ridge, is this Great House, which is above a very narrow piece of ridge that had a structure that may have served as a guard house or toll booth.

We can only imagine the physical labor required to build any of these buildings. Add to the effort the fact that even dirt and water had to be hauled up to this stony ridge.

Remember that posthole (the gnomon)? This wall lines up perfectly with it and the sun rising betweeen the big rocks.


Below are some of the rooms adjacent to the upper Great Kivas.

rooms in the upper great house

drawing of floorplan & mesa from Malville

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