double walls and sharp cornersAs usual, the extraordinary stonework of these walls deserves special notice. A thousand years after construction, some wall are still straight, some corners still sharp.

Two sets of walls create a room inside a room. Between the outer wall and the inner are buttresses and fill dirt. Because they could not dig into the solid rock, the Anasazi built up and filled in with dirt to create the two "underground kivas."


long straight wall

a buttress between inner and outer wallsHere is one of those buttresses between the outer wall (not visible below the image) and the inner wall.

two walls meet with a seam or joint Signs of expansion: the seam or joint implies that one of these walls was added later. There were at least two major periods of construction nearly 20 years apart.


Below is one of the few doorways I noticed (I didn't seen any windows). Not the classic T-shaped doorway found in Chaco and elsewhere.

a doorway
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