Kin Bineola
(Where the Wind Whirls)

through a window to the cliffsideKin Bineola is located southwest of Chaco Canyon; the name is Navajo for "Where the Wind Whirls".

From the National Park Service sign nearby:

Kin Bineola is the largest known outlying great house in the San Juan Basin. Constructed over a 250 year period. The older section, dating to the early A.D. 900s, can be seen in the central portion of the building. This great house is surrounded by an extensive system of farming fields, canals, small pueblos, dams and road segments.

The pueblos and agricultural features suggest this land once supported a sizable community. The road segments and long history of occupation link this community with the great houses of Chaco Canyon.

5 or 6 doorways

entrance to Kin Bineola

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