Kin Klizhin (Black House)

piece of kiva wallKin Klizhin is located south of Chaco Canyon in sight of Kin Kletsin; the name is "Black House" in Navajo.

From the National Park Service:

Kin Klizhin is one of the "outliers" of the Chaco Anasazi. Tied both visually and physically to Chaco Canyon, it can be seen from Tsin Kletsin on South Mesa, and has a prehistoric road feature. The prehistoric road leads from South Gap in the canyon and continues past Kin Bineola, another "outlier". Also associated with Kin Klizhin are dams and irrigation canals. Remember that "outliers" are an important source of untapped information that may answer some of the questions about Chacoan culture.

approaching Kin Klizhin
That kiva wall seems to lean from this angle but doesn't seem quite so precarious from other angles.

That's the view towards Kin Kletsin (I think), which may be up on that mesa near the middle of the picture.

another view of the thick kiva wall

sign in front of Kin Klizhin (Black House)

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